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Knicks star Julius Randle rips into Derrick Rose ‘vintage’ label

Julius Randle Derrick Rose Knicks

Derrick Rose doesn’t like hearing the word “vintage” to describe his play nowadays. Neither does his New York Knicks teammate Julius Randle.

After arguably Derrick Rose’s best game of the young season against the Milwaukee Bucks, the Knicks guard was asked about his “vintage” performance. But Julius Randle, who had just entered the room, answered for him.

Via Marc Berman of NY Post

“It’s not vintage,’’ Randle said in disagreement.

Later, Randle explained.

“Look at the tape,” continued the Knicks All-Star. “Who he was as MVP and who he is now, I would say he’s a much more complete better player than he was then. It’s nothing really vintage about it. It’s evolved and become a much better player. Understanding of the game, clear mindset, he’s extremely wise, so it’s not really vintage, he’s evolving.’’

Julius Randle is spot on with his assessment of Derrick Rose’s transformation. Long before he joined the Knicks, D-Rose would dominate with his sheer athleticism.

But after getting most of his borderline superhuman explosiveness sapped from him, Rose has developed several others parts of his game to become an effective player with an entirely different skill set.

It’s simply wrong to call most any of Derrick Rose’s recent performances vintage because the way he approaches the game now is completely distinct from how he used to do it. The rim-rattling dunks have been replaced with floaters and three-pointers.

He may no longer be an MVP candidate, but Derrick Rose is new and improved. There’s nothing vintage about it.