Knicks news: Kelenna Azubuike reveals Carmelo Anthony paid him $3,000 to wear No. 7 in New York
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Kelenna Azubuike reveals Carmelo Anthony paid him $3,000 to wear No. 7 with Knicks


Carmelo Anthony is now playing for the Portland Trail Blazers as one of the team’s scoring options. However, he was the main attraction for the New York Knicks almost a decade ago. While he didn’t win a ring during his stint at the Big Apple, he definitely livened it up with his scoring and the various stories involving him. One such story was the surprisingly entertaining story about how Anthony got the No. 7 jersey from Kelenna Azubuike. Before becoming a color analyst for the Golden State Warriors, he used to be one of the players who suited up for the Knicks when he arrived via the big trade before the All-Star break. He was wearing No. 7 at the time, and Anthony wanted that number as his when he arrived.

Azubuike was willing to part ways with the number, but he will not give it without a price. He recounted how the deal went down, and The Athletic’s Michael Lee was undoubtedly amused by the story.

Azubuike was willing to part with the shirt for the right price. There have been stories of numbers being bought for up to six-digit figures. However, Azuibuke was not deluded with his role in the league. He was willing to part with the number for a minimum of $20,000, so he was definitely low-balled when he only got three stacks.

It was definitely a cheapskate move on Anthony’s part, as he was owed $17,149,243 during his first year with the Knicks. He could have easily thrown him his asking price and he would still be swimming in dollars.

However, that is already a thing in the past. Like the rest of the NBA, Azuibuke is just happy that Melo is back in the NBA. He’s playing really well with the Portland Trail Blazers and should be able to help the team to get more wins.

Anthony notched 17 points, eight rebounds, two steals, and two blocks in the Blazers’ 122-112 win over the Warriors.