New York Knicks head coach Tom Thibodeau made a big decision last week by completely removing hometown star Kemba Walker from the rotation amid his struggles. While Walker could’ve acted out and voiced his displeasure, the veteran is being a true professional through it all.

This is what he had to say about the situation. Via SNY Videos:

The Knicks guard continued:

That’s honestly a great mindset from Walker. You can clearly tell he’s not pleased by the tone in his voice, but Kemba understands that Thibs is just doing what’s best for the team.

The 31-year-old signed a two-year deal worth $18 million with the Knicks in the offseason, but he has averaged just 11.7 points on an average of 24.5 minutes per night while struggling on defense. Touches are limited with the likes of Julius Randle and RJ Barrett usually leading the offense, but Thibodeau has expected a lot more from Kemba. This is currently his worst statistical season. He even put up more points in his rookie year.

While there have been rumors that he could be traded since falling out of the rotation, the Knicks could need him back in the fold soon. New York is just 1-3 since benching Walker, losing three straight games in the process and dropping to 11-12 on the year.

One thing is for sure, Kemba isn’t sitting here pouting. He’s ready to contribute when called upon. In the meantime, he’ll serve as a mentor and leader to the young players on the roster.