The New York Knicks and Golden State Warriors haven't shared many similarities over the years. They did, however, see a similar departure this past week as both teams parted ways with their respective general managers: Bob Myers for the Warriors and Scott Perry for the Knicks.

As the architect behind building the Stephen Curry-led dynasty, teams with open front office jobs are understandably dreaming of potentially luring in Myers to lead their franchise.

Knicks fans are no different. With the timing of the announcements, Twitter has been rife with Bob Myers-to-New York chatter from orange and blue avatars.

A handful of them believe the signs are all there, ala Brian Windhorst calling the Utah Jazz blow-up.

Some Knicks fans are even more optimistic, celebrating as if he already agreed to switch coastlines.

Some Knicks fans resorted to begging while others made some rather unsavory offers in exchange for New York to get it done.

However, the stars may not be as aligned as many fans think. Knicks insider Steve Popper, who was one of the first to break the news of Scott Perry's looming departure, was adamant in that the timing did not indicate Bob Myers was coming to the Big Apple.

A few Knicks fans also had a more pragmatic viewpoint about everything, with Leon Rose having done a respectable job thus far with the current roster since taking over three seasons ago.

Knicks fans can dream of hiring Bob Myers, but none of them should be holding their breath.