The team faces an unexpected challenge as France gears up for the Euro 2024 tournament. The flu virus has affected several key players, including Kylian Mbappe and Kingsley Coman. This development comes just days before their first match against Austria on June 17.

The French squad arrived in Paderborn, West-Rhine Westphalia, on Wednesday. Since then, flu symptoms have spread among the players. Mbappe, a star forward for Real Madrid, and Coman were both absent from training on Thursday. Their absence is a cause for concern as the team needs all its key players to be in top form for the tournament.

Key France players affected by flu

The flu outbreak has not spared other significant players. A vital team member, Ousmane Dembele also fell ill but has since recovered. He spoke to reporters about his condition, providing some reassurance.

“For me, I am a lot better,” Dembele said. “I had the flu last week, and I was the first one, but I feel a lot better now. The team is a lot better. Everyone will be okay in a couple of days.”

Kingsley Coman, another critical player, is isolating in his room to prevent further spread of the virus. Coach Didier Deschamps has also been affected and has stepped back from some of his training duties to recuperate. Despite these setbacks, the French team remains focused and hopeful.

Deschamps addressed the situation with optimism. “The objective is around the French national team in terms of what we've achieved and what we're capable of achieving,” he said. “There are other nations who start out aiming to win, as is the case in competitions like the Champions League. Each year, seven or eight teams have the objective to win it, and only one team can. It's the same here, and it doesn't come down to much.”

France has a challenging group stage schedule. They will face Austria, Poland, and the Netherlands. Each of these matches is crucial for setting the tone of their campaign. The team is eager to start strong, especially after their narrow loss to Argentina in the 2022 World Cup final. Deschamps' experience and tactical skills will guide the team through these initial hurdles.

While not severe, the flu virus has certainly disrupted the team's preparations. However, the players and coaching staff are determined to overcome this obstacle. The resilience and spirit within the team are high, and they are focused on their goals.

As the start of Euro 2024 approaches, the French team is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the health and readiness of their players. The fans and supporters are eagerly waiting to see their team in action, hoping they can overcome this early setback and perform at their best. With determination and a bit of luck, France aims to shine on the European stage once again.