On Monday, Kevin Durant gave Brooklyn Nets owner Joe Tsai an ultimatum. KD reiterated his demand to be traded unless Tsai opts to fire both head coach Steve Nash and general manager Sean Marks. Clearly, Durant doesn't particularly like these two prominent members of the organization.

As it turns out, enigmatic Nets superstar Kyrie Irving shares the same disdain Durant has for Nash and Marks. According to an unnamed source who is close to the Nets, Irving can't stand them either (via Michael Blinn of the New York Post):

“Kyrie Irving hates these guys,” the source told The Post’s Josh Kosman. “He feels that Nash is terrible and Marks is bad.”

Despite the fact that the KD-Kyrie partnership seems to be coming to an end, these two are still real-life best buddies. And apparently, they agree on the fact that both Nash and Marks should be fired. It is clear that this is one major factor behind Durant's desire to jump ship, and it is also logical to think that this could also be a reason behind Kyrie's initial hesitation to play for Brooklyn this coming season (although he eventually opted into his deal for 2022-23).

This then begs the question: if Tsai gives Nash and Marks the ax, does this mean that Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving could both remain in Brooklyn beyond this summer? It sure looks like that, especially considering how difficult it has been for the Nets to find a trade partner for KD.

The plot continues to thicken.