The Los Angeles Lakers are coming off of arguably their most promising season since the ‘Bubble' championship of 2020. With Austin Reaves showing out for Team USA and LeBron James hinting at his return, the news keeps getting better for the team.

Reaves was praised by Team USA teammate Mikal Bridges recently.

On Tuesday, a bombshell picture surfaced of the Lakers' most famous player alongside one of his rivals' most famous players in an interesting setting.

Paul is both James and Green's agents. Green is firm in staying with the Warriors for another potential championship run, especially now that Jordan Poole is in Washington, but there were rumors of a potential sign-and-trade of Green this offseason.

Green spoke out about his friendship with James recently, calling the future Hall-of-Famer his “big brother” at the 1:49:53 mark of the video below.

“As far as us being as tight as we are, that's my big brother. Love him to death,” he said. “And ain't nothing changing that. Only thing changing is our relationship continues to grow.”


Fans had mixed reactions on LeBron and Draymond's get together. One trolled Draymond Green in regards to the meaning of the phrase “kick it.”

Another took aim at James's status as the GOAT, or one of the greatest players of all-time, in his message.

“Dray really likes hanging out with the 6th best player of all-time,” they said.

Others speculated, in this case jokingly, about LeBron's intentions regarding the hang out session with Green in the ‘Queen City.'

“LeBron to Toronto,” they said.

While James and Green are two of the NBA's most controversial players, they represent an NBA brotherhood that is hard to understate.

The Lakers open their preseason schedule October 7 against Green's Warriors, raising the question of whether the friends will embrace on the court, or keep it all business between them going forward.