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Lakers star Anthony Davis’ brutally honest take on preseason opener vs. Nets

Anthony Davis, LeBron James, Lakers

The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t get off to a great start in preseason acting, falling 123-97 to the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday, who weren’t playing any of their superstars. As for L.A., LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Russell Westbrook all sat out, while Anthony Davis played just 11 minutes.

Following the loss, AD gave his brutally honest take on the Lakers’ performance and made it clear that a lot of work needs to be done in specific areas, especially on the defensive end. Via Spectrum Sportsnet:

“We’re way behind,” Davis said. “Getting movement on offense. Quality shots. Defensively, talking, getting our schemes right. Rebounding, very huge. We’re not boxing out. That was the main takeaway.”

Los Angeles was trailing by just three points heading into the fourth before inserting players that were signed on training camp deals, which proved to be costly. Despite the clear weaknesses from Sunday’s contest, the Lakers big man knows that it will be a much different story offensively when Bron, Russ, and Melo are on the floor:

“Offense will come. We’re not too worried about it, especially when we get Bron, Melo, TA and Russ out there,” Davis said. “But it was the first game to see where we are, and we got to do a better job defensively, especially blocking out.”

Indeed, the Lakers were dominated inside, getting outrebounded 54-41 and outscored in the paint 52-36. It won’t be much of a concern at this point, but Anthony Davis knows where the adjustments will need to be made.