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Lakers star Anthony Davis’ hilarious story from the night Kyle Kuzma got blood on his shirt

Lakers, Anthony Davis, Kyle Kuzma

Anthony Davis doesn’t mind getting his hands dirty. Or, better yet, his shirt. This was brought up when the Los Angeles Lakers superstar didn’t budge when Kyle Kuzma got a little blood on his sweater last Friday against the Miami Heat. According to Davis, he’s got a whole arsenal of fits just waiting in the locker room to prepare him for moments like this.

“I have a whole closet of clothes [at the Staples Center] ready to go at any time. I’m always ready.” Davis said (via SB Nation).

In that Lakers game against the Heat, Davis changed his clothes thrice. Clearly, it would take more than a little drop of blood to keep him away.

Davis got into a messy situation when he approached Kuzma in a timeout. Kuzma, who seemed to have a small wound on his right hand, smudged Davis’ sweater as the latter approached. Montrezl Harrell tried to warn Davis about the blood but AD was unfazed. For AD, there’s nothing a quick outfit change won’t fix.

The eight-time All-Star has been nursing an Achilles injury for the past few weeks which has forced him to be in street clothes in LA’s past five outings. He’s still been very involved with the team, actively coaching and talking to his teammates from the sideline.

Unfortunately for the Lakers, it appears that they badly need their big man to be back on the court in a jersey since they’re clearly struggling without him. They’re now 1-4 without Davis which just goes to show that the defending champions are dealing with problems way bigger than a messed-up shirt.