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Lakers’ Anthony Davis reacts to LeBron James losing out on MVP

Lakers, Anthony Davis, LeBron James

On Friday the NBA announced Milwaukee Bucks superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo as this season’s Most Valuable Player. This caused quite an uproar — particularly with Los Angeles Lakers supporters — with more than a few of them claiming that the award should have been given to LeBron James. One such individual is none other than LeBron’s Lakers teammate, Anthony Davis.

Davis went out to say that he pretty much believes that James was robbed:

Anthony Davis is banking on the Year 17 narrative here. What makes LeBron’s performances this season so astounding is how he’s able to play at this level at 35 years of age. This then begs the question: would he have received as much praise if James was doing this in Year 8 or 9? Who knows.

Then again, that was not the be-all and end-all of Davis’ argument. The 6-foot-10 big man also emphasized how LeBron’s play this season has been able to elevate his team’s overall performance:

To be fair to Davis, he didn’t exactly go out to say that Giannis did not deserve the award. This has been the sentiment of more than a few folks about this year’s award — that both Antetokounmpo and James deserve to win the individual accolade. If there was ever a year that they could award a co-MVP, then now would be that season. We’ve seen the NBA awarding co-Rookie of the Years in the past, so at least that’s not unprecedented.

It’s all water under the bridge, now, though. Giannis is the MVP — an by quite a huge margin in the final vote. Many, like Davis will say that James was robbed (again), but in the end, it won’t matter.