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Lakers’ Avery Bradley dishes $30,000 assist to WNBA to complete bubble

Avery Bradley, Lakers

Los Angeles Lakers guard Avery Bradley may have been unable to join his team inside the NBA bubble, but made sure to help out its sister league, the WNBA,  conduct theirs successfully.

Along with his wife Ashley, the generous Bradley couple donated more than $30,000 in supplies to help the players — particularly the league’s working moms in the bubble.

The Bradleys personally reached out to WNBA officials if they needed any assistance for their own “Wubble” in Bradenton, Florida. The couple asked for a list of items that might help make the women athletes’ stay inside the confined area more comfortable.

While the NBA has spared no expense to make their bubble season as successful and as COVID-19 free as it can be, the WNBA does not have the luxury of having the same hefty resources. NBA players were housed inside luxurious hotels inside Walt Disney World, while WNBA players stayed inside IMG’s high school campus.

The Lakers’ 3-and-D specialist knew his small gesture would make a big difference for the betterment of women’s basketball. The league put an amazing season capped off by the Seattle Storm being crowned 2020 WNBA champions.

Avery Bradley, meanwhile, was certainly missed by his teammates following his decision to skip the bubble to tend to his family.

While he was unable to help out upon the resumption of the 2019-20 campaign, the 6-foot-3 defensive stopper played a big part in the Lakers’ regular-season dominance. Bradley normed 8.6 points on 44.4 percent shooting from the field and 36.4 percent from downtown in his first season in LA.

He also stayed in contact with Lakers head coach Frank Vogel throughout their bubble stay and will deservingly receive a championship ring from the team.