Los Angeles Lakers guard Patrick Beverley admits he received a death threat after his role in Russell Westbrook's injury back in 2013.

To recall, before Beverley and Westbrook became Lakers teammates this 2022, they had a longstanding beef. And it all started in April 2013 during the playoffs when Beverley was still with the Houston Rockets and Westbrook was with the Oklahoma City Thunder. Russ suffered a torn meniscus in the contest after Pat Bev lunged and collided with him as he tried to steal the ball.

Sure enough, Westbrook was furious at the time. He was in clear pain, and the frustration only added up when he learned he had to be sidelined for the rest of the postseason because of the injury.

As for Beverley, he said he initially didn't knew that his play led to Westbrook's injury. However, he certainly felt the magnitude of his actions, as he revealed that a Thunder ball boy threatened to kill him and he had to be protected by police.

“I had a ball boy threaten to kill me… I get to OKC the next game, it's police officers in front, they put a police car in front of my house in Houston,” Beverley shared on his podcast.

Sure enough, fans can be passionate for their teams. Russell Westbrook was a huge part of the Thunder at the time, so losing him was definitely painful for the team and their fanbase. Nonetheless, issuing death threats is certainly going over the line.

Patrick Beverley did point out that he was not afraid, though, adding that he is more than capable of protecting himself.

For what it's worth, it does look like that Beverley and Westbrook have moved on from their beef.