Two of the biggest free agents this summer in LeBron James and Paul George have both been linked to the Los Angeles Lakers for whatever reason. George has been linked to the Lakers since he reportedly told the Indiana Pacers at the end of last season that he didn’t want to sign an extension with them. When he was traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder during the summer most believed it wasn’t going to more than a one-year rental.

It now appears that other NBA players now also believe that there is only one place that George can land this offseason: with the Lakers.

C.J. McCollum was on the WojPod with ESPN’s Adrian Wojnarowski on Tuesday afternoon, and he echoed that sentiment.

“I wish PG (Paul George) nothing but the best. I know he’s going to enjoy that California sunshine.”

All signs do seem to point to George ending up with the Lakers, but after the season ended George did say he would like to be back with the Thunder.

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“It was a lot to be happy about: the fans, the city, the organization,” George said via Sports Illustrated. “Everything has been unbelievable. It’s too soon. I’d love to remain a Thunder, but that’s what this summer is for. We’ll address that in the summer.”

Those comments were interesting because after the Pacers were eliminated last year, George had no issue telling everyone that he wanted out.

There is still a lot of time before free agency even begins, but it seems like the general consensus is that the Lakers are going to be the destination this summer.