LeBron James is the type of transcendent player who can elevate the play of his teammates. Los Angeles Lakers fans should be thrilled with the prospect of James elevating the play of the young corps in Las Angeles. Brian Windhorst specifically talked about how Kyle Kuzma and Brandon Ingram can thrive alongside LeBron:

“We started off talking about LeBron at center. That's certainly not the only thing to watch with the Lakers. I think Kuzma and Ingram are perfectly positioned to be awesome alongside LeBron. I think you can see those guys blossom big time. LeBron is going to deliver you open shots.

“Now, sometimes playing with LeBron, and this shakes people, this shook Jae Crowder last year, sometimes playing with LeBron means you're gonna stand on the wing or you're gonna stand in the corner and with five seconds on the clock, this laser beam is gonna come to you and when it comes, you're gonna be open. LeBron will deliver it where you want it. You want it on your hip? You want it on your chest? You want it at your eyes? You want the seams facing horizontal? You want the seams facing vertical? LeBron will deliver it, okay and it's gonna come hot and it's gonna be tight on the shot clock and you're gonna be expected to make it.

“There are guys who have turned into $70, $80 million players who have thrived in that scenario and that's what's gonna happen. That is gonna be right there for Kuzma and Ingram to take care of, but I wanna see them do it. But I think that their skill set is perfectly suited to play with LeBron because they have great length, they have great ability to shoot from the outside, and they can play multiple positions. These are the ideal players to have alongside LeBron and I think that's why Lakers fans can be excited.”

All offseason there was speculation that the Lakers might move some of their young pieces in an attempt to trade for Kawhi Leonard. But instead, Lakers fans will get a chance to see how the team jells as is. As Windhorst talks about, Kuzma and Ingram are the types of long and athletic players who can fit perfectly alongside James.

Additionally, the four young Lakers — Kuzma, Ingram, Lonzo Ball, and Josh Hart — have moxie. They seem to have the right makeup to embrace the challenge of playing with LeBron.