At this point, if you're still not aware that Los Angeles Lakers teammates LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony are good buddies, then perhaps you're living in a prehistoric era. Or you're probably a kid.

While Anthony recently clarified that he was not on the actual banana boat in the now infamous Banana Boat Ride, he's still pretty close with LeBron. They first met in a basketball camp in high school and they've forged a strong bond ever since.

One adorable kid, however, seemed clueless about the friendship of LeBron and Melo. Or perhaps he felt they were not friends anymore after playing for opposing teams throughout the years. But Anthony made sure he clarified it with the young boy, who was wearing a LeBron Lakers jersey during Melo's book signing event.

In case you didn't notice, Anthony's caption was gold too.

And of course, The King responded promptly.

LBJ and Melo have always dreamed about playing together in the NBA. They had the chance to do it in 2010 but Anthony apparently made the wrong move with his contract and stayed with the Denver Nuggets. But as they say, better late than never. Now at the twilight of their Hall of Fame stints, LeBron and Anthony will finally team up with the Lakers.

Their careers will forever be linked ever since they both entered the NBA in 2003. Being teammates with the Lakers will only reinforce that further. But perhaps more importantly, LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will forever cherish the friendship they have built since their innocent days.