Lakers news: Colin Cowherd says LA should trade LeBron James to get Zion Williamson
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Colin Cowherd says LA should trade LeBron James to get Zion Williamson

Colin Cowherd, LeBron James

Prominent NBA analyst Colin Cowherd is the latest to go all in on the Zion Williamson craze. So much so, that he believes that the Los Angeles Lakers should consider trading LeBron James for the Duke superstar.

In a recent episode of his program, “The Herd,” Cowherd pointed out that while James remains to be one of, if not the best player in the league today, he is now on his way down, and that it would only be logical for the Lakers to try and get as much out of him in a deal as they can, while they can.

“This is not a difficult task,” explained Cowherd. “LeBron is a declining asset. An expensive asset. He is a massive brand. The only reason you wouldn’t make this move is out of fear.”

Cowherd went on to say that having to trade away James would not be an impossible task for the L.A. front office, and that the Lakers faithful would not crucify them for doing the same.

“LeBron would be an easy guy to trade,” he continued. “Here’s why: because LeBron wasn’t even loyal to Cleveland. The downside of being willing to get divorces is people feel less guilty when they divorce you. Trading Magic [Johnson] would have been an outrage in Los Angeles. Trading Kobe, pickets.  But let’s be honest about Shaq. Shaq was out for Shaq. LeBron’s out for LeBron.”

In all honesty, Cowherd is not completely speaking nonsense here in terms of the potential backlash the Lakers front office might receive should they pull the trigger on this deal. However, the polarizing analyst seems to think that the Lakers do not have the gall to even consider trading the best player on the planet.

“I’m not saying it’s gonna happen. And I think the Lakers are too fearful to do it,” he exclaimed.

Cowherd raises a very interesting point here, but coming back down to earth, it does seem nothing more than a man trying to spark a bit of controversy in order to get some air time.