The Los Angeles Lakers finished an up and down week with a tough 133-110 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

The Lakers led by 14 in the first quarter, but the Thunder took over in the second — outscoring the Lakers 42-23 — and led 72-60 at halftime.

After the game, Lakers coach Darvin Ham talked about getting players back from injury and whether there needs to be roster additions, according to Lakers Nation:

“Darvin Ham on all of the injuries: “We feel like we got a solid process in place. Whatever we can do extra, we'll explore that. But right now, we're comfortable where we are getting guys back to playing in a real game. Unfortunate things happen… you can't be selfish; you have to be smart and not put these guys at risk.”‘

The Lakers are inevitably going to be linked to players available on the trade market, and the Chicago Bulls are the number one team looking to sell so far this season.

The team seems to be attached to Zach LaVine in trade rumors, but other Chicago Bulls such as Demar DeRozan might make more sense as a better version of Russell and Hachimura in Los Angeles's offense as another post-up, mid-range scorer.

Bringing DeRozan back home for a title run would be a nice story, but getting Alex Caruso back in LA would be the real steal here. Caruso's incredible point-of-attack defense would turn the Lakers into a potential juggernaut defensively. Trading first-round picks this far off in the future is a little scary, but the Lakers should be all-in with the clock winding down on LeBron's career.