Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James will be involved in GOAT debates with Michael Jordan for the rest of time. LeBron James probably couldn't care less who is considered the GOAT, although his former Miami Heat teammate Dwyane Wade might have a stance on the debate that upsets James, reports Legion Hoops.

“Michael Jordan is my GOAT… LeBron [James] will be the goat for a lot of generations. I started playing the game because of Michael Jordan. He will be my GOAT until the day I pass away.”

Despite these comments being a few years old, they hold strong in the week after Wade was elected into the National Basketball Hall of Fame. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James will be friends for the rest of their lives, but it sounds like that will have no impact on Michael Jordan being the GOAT in Wade's eyes.

For our discussion on who will be the NBA GOAT in 5 years, listen below:

Nevertheless, James still has time to change Wade's opinion as he finishes his career up for the Los Angeles Lakers. If James is able to get himself a fifth ring and play well into his forties, then Wade might have a change of heart.

A big year lies ahead for LeBron James and the Lakers as they have NBA Finals aspirations. Rob Pelinka did plenty in the offseason to revamp the roster, and James has to be viewing the next campaign as a real chance to get his fifth ring.

For now, it is evident that MJ is Wade's GOAT over James. Another ring for James with the Lakers and it will remain to be seen if Wade changes his mind.