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Hilarious reactions to Shaq roasting Dwight Howard after winning 2020 NBA Championship

Lakers, Shaq, Shaquille O'Neal, Dwight Howard

After winning the NBA Finals with the Los Angeles Lakers, Dwight Howard was seen  on Instagram telling everyone to continue chasing their dreams, only for Shaquille O’Neal to criticize his celebration.

Following Shaq’s roasting of Howard, multiple social media users reacted to the entire situation.

Due to the NBA holding their bubble in Orlando, Howard technically did win more rings than Shaq in Orlando. Of course, Howard spent the first eight seasons of his career with the Orlando Magic, while O’Neal spent only four years with the said franchise.

For years, Shaq and Howard haven’t seen eye-to-eye, with both of them throwing subliminal shots at one another. Most recently, O’Neal took a shot at Howard after the veteran center celebrated his championship with the Lakers.

With the Lakers defeating the Miami Heat this season in the NBA Finals, Howard won his first NBA title. Instead of congratulating Howard, O’Neal called him out for being a non-factor in Los Angeles securing another championship.

In response to Shaq’s hate toward Howard, someone also brought up Kyle Kuzma’s underwhelming performance in the NBA Finals.

Some people also took the route of telling Shaq to either say something positive about Howard’s achievement with the Lakers or keeping his thoughts to himself.

The rift between Shaq and Dwight Howard goes way back, but the former isn’t willing to take the high road anytime soon. Nevertheless, Twitter is having a field day with O’Neal continuing to throw shade at Dwight despite the Lakers’ success.