Lakers news: Josh Hart calls out officials after questionable whistle late in loss to Suns
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Josh Hart calls out officials after questionable whistle late in loss to Suns


The Los Angeles Lakers suffered another deflating defeat, this time at the hands of the last place Phoenix Suns. The Lakers were in the midst of late fourth quarter rally, cutting the lead to as low as three points with just under a minute left.

But that rally was cut off with this foul call on Lakers guard Josh Hart. Following the game, Hart took to Twitter to ask the officials to explain the whistle.

The sophomore guard will probably lose some money on that one.

Ayton did appear to fend off Hart’s defense with an elbow. But Hart was moving and appeared to tangle Ayton’s left leg with his own, and thus the foul call.

Nevertheless, it was a huge blow to the Lakers, which was trying its best to salvage yet another disappointing outing. No matter how the Lakers fought back in this contest, it still seems like deserved the loss.

The just didn’t match the energy Phoenix came out with to begin the game. Phoenix raced off to lead by as much as 14 points in the first half. The Lakers fought back and trimmed the lead to seven by the end of the first half.

However, Phoenix continued to pour it on in the second half as the Lakers struggled on defense. They closed the third period on a 17 point lead, and even led by as much as 19 points in the fourth quarter.

Phoenix was up 108-94 with six minutes and change remaining in the game. But the Lakers used a last ditch effort led by LeBron James to secure a much needed road win. However, the Suns impressively fended them off late in the game, and eventually closed the door on the struggling Purple and Gold squad.