Los Angeles Lakers guard Josh Hart and former Laker Nick Young had quite the funny exchange on Twitter.

Young, who was notorious for being a staple on Shaqtin' a Fool, called out Hart on Twitter for his meme-worthy play on Tuesday night in the Lakers' game against the Milwaukee Bucks.

For many years, Young has held the dishonor of arguably having the most bone-headed layup attempt in NBA history… until last night.

Young was more than happy to hand that title to Josh Hart, especially after the latter did this:


To compare, this was Young's version way back in 2012 when he was with the Washington Wizards against, ironically, the Lakers:

You be the judge, folks. Which one was worse?

Nonetheless, with the former NBA champion appearing to concede the title of “Worst Layup Ever” to Hart, it seemed like the second year guard didn't want any of it.

Hart defended his play, and said that he actually meant to pass the ball. He was more than happy to have the distinction of “Worst Pass Ever”, though.

In the end, the man who doesn't have tattoos on his right arm because it's strictly for buckets insisted that the 24-year old take the crown.

Nonetheless, both looked very similar. But I think Swaggy P still retains the title. He did have a wide open fast break lay up there. Hart, on the other hand, did it in semi-traffic. And I do see the case that he did appear to be looking to pass.

Regardless of what they both say, those two sequences have secured their respective places in the Hall of Shame of Shaqtin' a Fool moments.