Lakers news: Josh Hart reacts to LeBron James attending Summer League
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Josh Hart reacts to LeBron James attending Summer League

Josh Hart, lebron james

LeBron James attended the Los Angeles Lakers’ Summer League game on Sunday and the world seemed to be abuzz. Josh Hart has opened up a lot of eyes for his play in Vegas, including James’ but he tried not to focus too much on The King being in attendance.

It is really good to see that Hart has a good head on his shoulders and he isn’t letting James being there get to him too much, because in a few months the two will be playing side by side on the court. Everyone has been impressed with what Hart has done in the Summer League, and he could be a perfect teammate for James. This offseason, he has really developed his explosiveness and outside shot which is crucial for playing alongside LeBron.

“[LeBron has] been watching summer league games, and he brought up Josh Hart,” Pelinka said during an appearance on Spectrum Sportsnet, and he later mentioned during his press conference how impressed he himself has been at the expanded toolbox Hart has shown he can bring to the team next season.

“I think if you look at what Josh Hart is doing in summer league … Josh made a very unique commitment after the season to get right into the weight room. He worked on his explosiveness, he worked on his strength and now he’s one of the top-three scorers in summer league,” Pelinka said.

The Lakers need the young guys to step up, and Hart seems to have gotten the memo and is poised for a big season in Southern California.