Amid the NBA Finals and Stanley Cup Finals going on, sports media has taken a weird turn. Kendrick Perkins and the rest of the First Take crew would rather talk about something that happened over the weekend rather than the Boston Celtics' win over the Dallas Mavericks. What were they talking about? Well, it was some sort of beef that started which involved LeBron James and Kevin Durant. The former NBA center had some words to say to the Los Angeles Lakers legend.

The fact that LeBron James unfollowed him still irks Kendrick Perkins. A lot of stars in the league choose to filter the media and types of algorithms that they see. Understandably, that could be what the Lakers legend was doing over the weekend. But, the analyst on First Take just could not let it slip and blasted the veteran superstar.

“Imagine unfollowing me on Twitter, but you still got to wake up and watch me on TV every day. Because. I ain't going nowhere anytime soon – that's number one. Number two, I think LeBron James got sensitive over the last couple of weeks because I’ve been calling him out or have been speaking on things that he might disagree with. Like the firing of Darvin Ham or the coaching search of the Lakers or even having to touch on the Bronny James situation when it comes down to dealing with the draft,” Kendrick Perkins said.

The situation of the Lakers legend unfollowing Kendrick Perkins got blown out of proportion. Perkins even went on to post an odd statement targeted at LeBron James at the time of the unfollowing.

“Everybody didn't follow Jesus, I'll be ok,” he wrote.

Kevin Durant, Perkins' former teammate in the Oklahoma City Thunder, took notice and gave a jab to the NBA analyst.

“Bro think he Jesus. Lmao,” Kevin Durant declared.

Where did all start between the Lakers great and former NBA player?

May 15, 2024; Chicago, IL, USA; LeBron James and his wife Savannah Brinson watch Bronny James participate in the 2024 NBA Draft Combine at Wintrust Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports
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There are a lot of odd things that Perkins has said over the span of just the past few weeks. The most notable of which was when he claimed that the Lakers great was stealing someone else's moment during a segment in his Mind The Game podcast with JJ Redick.

“Here we go again. Bron weaseling his way into somebody else's moment. Like, this is not about you. Your team is at home. This is about the Mavs and the Celtics. Yet, your so mad and disappointed that you're not Kyrie Irving's running mate anymore. Here we go again,” Perkins proclaimed before James unfollowed him.

A lot of vitriol is hurled toward James and most of it often comes from these types of hot takes to gain some engagement. But, Perkins wants to prove that he is just being objective despite all of these. He even outlined how he had been supporting the Lakers legend all throughout his NBA career before he got unfollowed.

“We have been going back and forth. Name somebody, other than Shannon, that has been coming on here lobbying and defending LeBron James like I have been on the basketball side of things. In the few times that I disagree with you, you're in your feelings and you don't pick up the phone,” Perkins added.

The NBA analyst then continued to make his case to be heard despite their differences in opinions. Their experiences in AAU since 1999 even came out.