The Los Angeles Lakers are well underway in selecting the franchise's next head coach, with the team reportedly forming a shortlist of candidates and consulting coaching great Mike Krzyzewski. One of the reported names in the shortlist is former NBA veteran turned broadcaster and host JJ Redick, a former player guided by Krzyzewski in college at Duke.

Among those approving of Redick's candidacy to become the next Lakers head coach is Kendrick Perkins, who voiced his endorsement in an interview on NBA Today on ESPN. However, the former Boston Celtics big man said his recommendation of Redick as a head coach comes with one huge caveat.

“JJ Redick…knows the game of basketball from an X's and O's standpoint. But the one thing I feel like JJ Redick gonna have to do is to lose that snobby Duke attitude,” Perkins said. “Going into that locker room, it's one thing to have a high basketball IQ and know your X's and O's, [but] it's another thing to make sure you gather the ears of that locker room.”

Adjustment period, earning locker room respect key to JJ Redick's coaching success, says Kendrick Perkins

JJ Redick
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Kendrick Perkins also noted so much changes in coaching since he played with the Celtics in the mid-2000s, during which he won the NBA title in 2008. He cited the success of Rick Carlisle and Gregg Popovich as examples of personnel who successfully transitioned as head coaches.

Carlisle, a former five-year NBA veteran from 1984 to 1989, gained his first head coaching job with the Detroit Pistons from 2001 to 2003 and is currently coaching the Indiana Pacers in his second tour of duty. He won the 2011 NBA title with the Dallas Mavericks, led by Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd. Popovich, meanwhile, is the longest-tenured NBA head coach, moving down from the San Antonio Spurs front office in 1996 and leading the team to all of its five NBA championships.

“So many coaches, they talk about that transition period. We watched it with Gregg Popovich, we watched it with Rick Carlisle, they had to adjust,” Perkins added. “We're talking about championship coaches because this day and age these guys are a lot different from when I played in the early 2000s or in the early 1990s. There's a certain level of respect that you've got to have and you got to give in that locker room.”

Mike Krzyzewski's link as Lakers coaching search consultant may put Redick ahead

The Lakers sought the help of legendary Duke Head Coach Mike Krzyzewski, an unlikely source as an unofficial advisor to help the team in search of their next coach. The relationship between Krzyzewski and the Lakers dated back to 2004, when the latter made a strong offer to get the services of now-retired coach from the collegiate ranks.

“Multiple sources briefed on the matter say one person who has become a respected unofficial resource for the Lakers during the process is ​​legendary Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski, whose deep knowledge for candidates, such as Redick and others, provides a lens into the culture the organization wants and the characteristics of a potential staff around the next head coach,” the report said.

Redick played four seasons under Krzyzewski at Duke from 2002-06, becoming the consensus college player of the year in 2005 and 2006 and had his number 4 jersey subsequently retired by the school.

Other candidates as the next Lakers coach include former head coaches James Borrego and Kenny Atkinson, top-rated assistants Sam Cassell and Chris Quinn, and Redick.