Lakers news: Kevin Durant's mom says she loves LeBron James and Magic Johnson
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Kevin Durant’s mom says she loves Lakers’ LeBron James and Magic Johnson

LeBron James, Magic Johnson

Golden State Warriors superstar Kevin Durant’s mom, Wanda Durant, says she loves Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James and president of basketball operations Magic Johnson.

Why is this relevant you ask? Well, Durant could become an unrestricted free agent in the summer of 2019 if he declines his 2019-20 player-option with the Warriors and the nine-time All-Star has been linked to joining LeBron on the Lakers.

When asked by TMZ if she thinks LeBron James and Kevin Durant will join forces next offseason, Wanda Durant said, “My son has been in the NBA now for 11 years, so he’s wise enough to make the decision that’s best for him. I trust that.”

Since signing with the Warriors back in 2016, Kevin Durant has won two-straight Finals and won MVP of the Finals both times. Barring something unforeseen, Durant and the Warriors are likely going to win the title again this season. Many believe Durant will look to embark on a new challenge after winning three-straight rings with relative ease.

The Lakers will have cap space next summer to sign a star player to pair alongside LeBron James. As everyone knows, James and Durant are very close friends.

If Durant wins his third ring this season, he’ll have the same number of championships as James. KD has always talked about how he wants to surpass James. So with that being said, would Durant really join the Lakers and help LeBron win more titles? Only time will tell.