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Former Lakers star Kobe Bryant surprises 6-year-old on The View

Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers icon Kobe Bryant gave a young fan a surprise on Wednesday’s episode of The View. Bryant gave Bryson Thompson, a young boy who suffers from epilepsy, a signed jersey.

Bryson and his family were on the show to discuss how they are giving back to Helmets4Helmets, an organization that greatly impacted their family.

Helmets2Helmets is an initiative that was started by Bryson and his brother Brock. They are auctioning off helmets and signed memorabilia that will go towards the charity Jacks Helping Hand.

Jacks Helping Hand helped pay for Bryson to get a helmet to help protect his head when he has one of his seizures. Now he wants to give back, which gave him the idea to start Helmets4Helmets.

“He was having 100 seizures a day and they were just back to back,” Sarah Thompson said via Allie Yang of ABC News. “He would come out in between them and he would smile and he would try to talk to me and he would go right back into it.”

“These seizures can take him from you,” Sarah said. “They can kill him.”

Kobe Bryant donated some jerseys and other signed memorabilia to the cause to try and help the two brothers raise some extra money.

“We all have a … responsibility to each other, to help one another,” Bryant said via Allie Yang of ABC News. “If you have the opportunity to do that, it’s our responsibility as people to help one another. … It’s [as] simple as that.”

Helmets4Helmets has already raised $2,250 towards the cause, and if you would like to donate, you can go here.

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