The Los Angeles Lakers' rising star in Kyle Kuzma was trying to be his old usual self, roasting fellow NBA players like Portland Trail Blazers guard C.J. McCollum on social media. But Kuzma's attempt at dissing him was halted by his newest teammate — none other than LeBron James.

McCollum was live tweeting as the game between the Cleveland Browns and the New Orleans Saints went on. McCollum, who hails from Ohio, was greatly affected when Zane Gonzalez missed an extra point which left the game knotted. McCollum tweeted:

It was followed by a series of tweets, expressing how disappointed McCollum was in the outcome of the game.

Kuzma was apparently lurking somewhere, saw the tweet and decided to kick a man while he's already down on the ground.

Initially, it looked like a social media duel between the two was about to go down. But Kuzma's new teammate, none other than James himself, shut him down.

In a twist of events, it was Kuzma who was on the receiving end of some good old roasting and toasting. McCollum told Kuzma to just log out of his social media account after the comment by James.

Kuzma learned his lesson the hard way. He should be wary that he's now teammates with James, and dissing the Browns or any other sports team hailing from Ohio is a noob move.