If you thought the Los Angeles Lakers were done complaining about the officials on Thursday night, you thought wrong. Kyle Kuzma took to Twitter to clap back at the NBA Referees official Twitter account.

The NBA Referees’ account detailed exactly why Kyle Kuzma’s foul on Houston Rockets star James Harden in the first quarter was called. The explanation wasn’t enough for the 23-year-old Lakers forward, who was assessed a technical foul on the play for arguing as well.

Listen, the NBA is no longer a physical league. It’s just not anymore. The league has legislated contact out of the game and while it is frustrating, this is the league right now. Kuzma clearly makes contact with James Harden. Does Harden go down like a ton of bricks? Yes, but contact is contact.

Every team in the league thinks the league has a personal vendetta against them, but no one likes the team that is constantly complaining about calls. Every team does it and on Thursday, the Lakers couldn’t stop complaining, especially with the Rockets winning.

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A lot of it probably has to do with the fact that it’s Harden drawing the calls. The Rockets All-Star and reigning MVP is as good as anyone at seeking out contact and drawing fouls. Add in the emphasis on calling “freedom of movement” fouls and Harden is in heaven.

It makes it even easier for him to draw contact when his opponent is growing increasingly frustrated with the calls from the officials. Kuzma was frustrated with the officials all night, and it doesn’t look like the rising Lakers star isn’t ready to let things go either.