Despite the Los Angeles Lakers' uneven start to the 2022-23 campaign, Laker fans stay winning. During an intermission in the Lakers' Monday night loss to the Indiana Pacers, a lucky fan hit a half-court shot to win not only $75,000, but a hug from Anthony Davis as well. And it seems as if the half-court shot bug is contagious, as another fan inexplicably drained a heave from the center circle during the Lakers' Wednesday night contest against the Portland Trail Blazers.

Armed with a drum roll and prayer, the fan ran up from the opposing free-throw line to gain momentum. He then launched the ball as he stepped on the ‘E' on the Lakers' center-court logo and he crouched as he watched his heave travel towards the basket.


The segment host couldn't believe what she just saw as she erupted into a scream as the ball tickled the twine. The fan, still processing that his bank account is now $25,000 richer, dropped to his knees in disbelief, eventually picking himself up and hyping up the crowd with such an incredible shot. However, if this fan made the shot two days earlier, he would have won $50,000 more, so perhaps he's ruing that missed opportunity too.

The Lakers bench didn't even bother celebrating with the fan this time around. So in addition to not winning $75,000, the fan also didn't receive an embrace he surely won't forget for the rest of his life. That is, quite simply, unfortunate timing. (All of this is said in jest, of course. Winning $25,000 is incredible in and of itself.)

Even Russell Westbrook got in on the act. Westbrook drained a half-court shot to beat the third-quarter buzzer to extend the Lakers' lead over the Blazers to 15.

The next opportunity for a fan to make themselves richer will come on December 13, when the Lakers host the Boston Celtics after a six-game road trip.