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Lakers ‘worry’ for LeBron James, Anthony Davis that has them scrambling for trade

LeBron James Anthony Davis Lakers Rob Pelinka trade

The Los Angeles Lakers have been tied to virtually every trade rumor so far this offseason. While that’s seemingly been the case every single year since the NBA began due to the fanfare surrounding the Purple & Gold, the trade buzz clearly has more juice this season than nearly ever before, at least in recent memory.

The Athletic’s Sam Amick broke down the mood within the Lakers’ front office.

From Buss on down, the Lakers have a healthy appreciation for James’ basketball superpowers and are well aware they won’t last forever. The injuries to James and Davis last season were an unwelcome reminder of that much, leading some Lakers officials to worry that this window might be even shorter than they’d originally hoped.

As such, they’re in the process of turning over all the proverbial stones in search of the right piece(s) to return to the NBA’s mountaintop. Their time is now, in other words — again.

While it’s not exactly news that LeBron James is getting up there in age, the Lakers are certainly acting like they’ll be getting diminishing returns from now on. King James’ 18th season was indeed a slap in the face to Father Time, but who knows when the tables might turn.

The sense of urgency is very real as Lakers are looking for the best possible trade to maximize their two superstars sooner rather than later. Many have said that LA would need to jump multiple hoops to manufacture a trade for big-name stars like Russell Westbrook or Chris Paul. But given the situation, you better believe that LA’s front office is willing to do everything it takes, and then some.

The Lakers are fishing for a star this offseason. All that’s left is to find out how big a fish they’ll catch in their proverbial net.