LeBron James has built an empire in Hollywood. Apart from being the cornerstone superstar of the Los Angeles Lakers, the four-time champ has also made a lot of moves over the past several years to secure his post-NBA future. This includes, among other things, building an LA-based production company that has been very successful. At this point, however, it seems that LeBron is now ready to turn his back on all this.

Right now, the biggest thing on LeBron's mind is to be able to play with his son, Bronny James, who is set to enter the NBA next year. The game's all-time leading scorer has pretty much done it all in what has been a truly illustrious career, and his next goal is to be the first father-and-son duo in the NBA.

According to ESPN's NBA guru Briand Windhorst, LeBron has now put more stock into having the opportunity to play alongside Bronny than on winning his fifth championship:

“I honestly believe that LeBron cares more about playing with Bronny than he would about getting another ring,” Windhorst said.

This could be a real cause for concern for the Lakers, given that they do not control their first-round pick next season. Bronny is expected to be scooped up in the first round of the 2024 NBA Draft, making it very difficult for LA to bring him on board. This only means that Bronny is likely to be drafted by a different team, which in turn, could force LeBron James to decline his $57.6 million player option with the Lakers for 2024-25 in order to join whichever team ends up drafting Bronny.