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Lakers star LeBron James’ fire reaction to Lonzo Ball-LaMelo Ball showdown

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Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James was at a loss for words after witnessing the showdown between the Ball brothers, New Orleans Pelicans guard Lonzo Ball and Charlotte Hornets playmaker LaMelo Ball, on Sunday.

The two brothers faced off in a tightly contested affair that ended in a narrow Pelicans victory, 112-110. However, LaMelo had a better outing than his brother after he recorded 22 points, four rebounds and five assists, while Lonzo scored only 12 points on top of three boards and six dimes.

After the contest, Lonzo shared a photo of him guarding his younger brother, noting how “proud” he is of their achievement to be able to be in the NBA together. Of course, being active on social media, LeBron saw the post and couldn’t help but react to the moment. The Lakers star, however, used only fire emojis to express his admiration for the two.

While LeBron James and Lonzo Ball are no longer teammates after the latter was traded by the Lakers in 2019, it’s clear they remain good friends. Moreover, LeBron James’ reaction is not without merit, especially since it’s rare to see siblings play in the NBA.

Not to mention that both Lonzo and LaMelo Ball are playing at a high level for their respective teams, unlike some siblings in the NBA where one totally outshines the other.

Interestingly, the Lakers and Pelicans could face off in the play-in, with New Orleans fighting for the 10th seed in the West and LeBron’s Purple and Gold holding the seventh seed. A lot would have to fall into place for that matchup to happen, but it’s still possible.

As for LaMelo’s Hornets, they are almost a lock for a play-in spot in the Eastern Conference.