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Lakers superstar LeBron James has advice for Zion Williamson if he wants it

LeBron James, Zion Williamson, Lakers

The Zion Williamson train is at full speed heading towards the NBA. Whichever team wins the lottery knows exactly who they need to spend it on.

Williamson is not the first player that will enter the NBA with mountains of hype surrounding him, just the latest. One of the former darlings of expectation, Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James, is ready with some advice for the future number one overall selection, per Christian Rivas of Silver Screen and Roll.

It might be in Williamson’s best interest to take some advice. There are plenty of players who entered the league surrounded by hype and fell flat. Nothing is a guarantee, even if you are a freakish athlete like Williamson is. Remember Anthony Bennett?

Back in February, James went to see Williamson play. Of course, that was construed as a recruiting trip for James’ agency. Luckily, this advice giving is (most likely) going to avoid the public tag of recruiting. The Lakers will be in the lottery, but have about a three percent chance of getting the first pick.

Even after his injury, the excitement around Williamson entering the NBA as a number one overall pick never wavered. It is his spot to lose, it seems. At this point, in order to do that, he would probably have to retire from the game of basketball.

It would be smart for Williamson to track down James if the offer is there. Knowledge is power. While Williamson will have no choice in what team he plays for, he can do his best to be prepared for whichever team that might be.