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LeBron James reacts to Jared Dudley’s new deal with Lakers

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Veteran forward Jared Dudley is returning to the Los Angeles Lakers on a one-year deal, hoping to lend his veteran presence once again. Dudley flocked to Twitter to announce the good news, prompting his buddy LeBron James to have a good laugh about it.

Dudley referenced Michael Jordan’s infamous fax message to the Chicago Bulls signifying his return. James, who has proudly admitted that Michael Jordan is his favorite basketball player, reacted to Dudley’s antics.

Last season, Dudley played 48 games (one start) for the purple and gold. He averaged 1.5 points and 1.2 rebounds across 8.1 minutes per game. Once a designated 3-point shooter in his prime, Dudley has embraced a smaller yet critical role for the Lakers.

As one of the team’s vocal leaders, Dudley has been imperative in building the chemistry and camaraderie among his teammates. Reports reveal that Dudley was the one who organized several team dinners at home or on the road. He also took Kyle Kuzma under his wing and was critical in the development of the 25-year-old.

The offseason has definitely gone according to Dudley’s plan. To recall, just days after the Lakers won the title, Dudley shared his intention to come back, noting that they need him in their title defense. In October, he made an appearance on “The Bill Simmons Podcast” where he boldly declared that he would beg outside Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka’s house to sign him.

As of this writing, the Lakers have 13 players under contract. Anthony Davis is expected to fill one of the final two spots after he signs an extension.