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Lakers star LeBron James receives shocking compliment from Skip Bayless

LeBron James Lakers Skip Bayless

There are few guarantees in this life. But one of them is that Skip Bayless always has something slanderous to say about LeBron James of the Los Angeles Lakers.

This is the guy who calls out the Lakers star on social media for not working out at two in the morning like he was doing.

“Hey, LeBron, I am UP here in LA. Are you? I’m preparing for my first workout of the day. Are you? LeBron? WAKE UP, LEBRON!”


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But on this one rare occasion, Skip Bayless just had to give it up to King James. LeBron put up a masterful performance in the Lakers’ final preseason tilt against the Sacramento Kings, posting 30 points, six rebounds, six assists, and two blocks all in under 30 minutes of action.

Via FS1’s Undisputed:

“I will start off with your man LeBron James,” Bayless said addressing Shannon Sharpe. “The quote on quote ‘king’. The phony GOAT. I thought LeBron James played great last night. I thought he looked, I’ll go this far, an MVP candidate. Going into his 19th season, I’m gonna give you MVP candidate. … He came out on a preseason mission last night. He said ‘enough is enough’.”

While the Lakers did end up losing their final preseason game, they closed the contest by sitting LeBron James and the rest of their star players as not to put additional strain before opening night.

But clearly King James is ready to begin his revenge tour for next season. When Skip Bayless of all people can admit that, you know the Lakers star truly is locked in.