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Lakers’ LeBron James reveals shocking offseason plan that trumps Team USA

LeBron James, Lakers, Pro-Am Team USA

With the NBA season officially over, the basketball world now shifts its attention to the Tokyo Olympics, as Team USA looks to defend its three-peat reign over the tournament. Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James isn’t suiting up for flag and country, but he’s apparently planning to get some reps in, one way or another.

With the Lakers’ early elimination from the playoffs, it looks like King James has now grown hungry for some competition. The 4-time NBA champion just asked for the best recommendations for a Pro-Am run.

LeBron James dunking on fools at some Pro-Am contest? Sign me up. The Lakers star is no stranger to playing in various offseason leagues just to rile up some fans who thought they were just going to be watching some decent hoop.

LeBron is no stranger to the offseason Pro-Am circuit, as he’s flexed his superstar muscles in a few games in the past. You might notice a handful of other NBA stars hooping in these games too, including some of his longtime peers in Carmelo Anthony and Kevin Durant.

Lakers fans still have a long wait between now and the season’s first game at Staples center. But LeBron James could be ready to hoop at a high school gym near you.