Bronny James made waves recently when he attended an Ohio State football match with his dad, Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James. The father-and-son duo were showing their support for LeBron's Buckeyes, but as it turns out, it was an opportunity for Ohio State fans to try and blatantly recruit the younger James to their basketball team.

For his part, however, former Lakers stud Nick Young is having none of that. When asked where he believes Bronny should attend college, Swaggy P said that he should spurn Ohio State. Young then made his recruitment case for Bronny to come and join the USC basketball program (via TMZ Sports):

“Back home!” Young said. “I went there. Plus, it's in L.A., it's in California. Why leave and you already out here comfortable? Dad's here. Dad can come watch you play. Mom can come watch you play.”

Well, you can't say that Nick Young is wrong here. Bronny would be closer to home if he goes to USC, which could possibly increase his chances of one day joining the Lakers. For Young, he believes that Bronny definitely has a future with the purple & gold “so long as ‘Bron's there.”

As for LeBron James, he's probably going to let his son make his own decision here. Of course, he would love to see his son represent his beloved Ohio State, but at the end of the day, this is Bronny's future we're talking about here, and it should be up to him.