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Lakers’ Lonzo Ball says he’s playing vs. Warriors

Lonzo Ball will make his much-anticipated return to the court on Wednesday night against the Golden State Warriors. The second-year Los Angeles Laker is returning from offseason knee surgery and confirmed to Ryan Ward of ClutchPoints that he will be in the lineup on Wednesday.

This will mark the first game that Ball and LeBron James play together. Much is being made about their relationship and how James can play the role of mentor for Ball.

Although they’ve yet to share the floor together, Ball is already benefiting from LeBron’s presence. James takes some of the pressure and spotlight off Ball while he returns from his injury at his own pace. James is the biggest star in basketball, so the constant swarm of attention surrounding him should give Ball a little breathing room. It could not have been easy to deal with the constant attention of the public eye while adapting to the NBA game.

But regardless of the media attention, Ball and James should be fun to watch on the court together. They are both unselfish players who thrive on hard cuts to the basket when they are playing off the ball. When they have the ball in their hands, they’re usually the ones finding the cutters.

There could be an issue with floor spacing considering Ball’s poor shooting numbers and both his and James’ tendency to drive more than shoot. But that being said, they are both talented players and the two will figure out a way to make it work together.