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Lakers PG Lonzo Ball traveling to Lithuania this summer to perform rap concert

Lonzo Ball

Over the course of this season, Lonzo Ball has showcased his skill set on the court whenever he’s healthy. He has also shown that he has other talents off the court, like rapping, just like he did during his birthday.

To take his love for music and his singing skills to the next level, the Los Angeles Lakers rookie will reportedly travel to Lithuania this summer to perform in a rap concert. It will be the first time for him to have one, and he will stage it in the country where his two younger brothers, LiAngelo and LaMelo Ball, are currently playing professional basketball. The announcement was made during LaVar Ball’s appearance on the Lithuanian Music Awards held recently.

The exact date of the concert is still unknown but it can be expected that there will be a big announcement for it and will be in typical Ball family fashion. In other words, the Balls are going to be all-in again in hyping up this new endeavor by someone in their family


For now, one thing that’s certain is that the concert will not happen until the NBA season is over and will also depend if Lonzo Ball can finish the campaign without suffering any injury. He is currently recovering from a minor MCL sprain, but could make his return soon if he does not experience any setbacks. His absence is a huge blow to the Lakers, as he has shown that he can be a decent three-point shooter, and an effective rebounder and passer for them.