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Magic Johnson warns players Josh Hart may be coming for a starting job

Magic Johnson and the Los Angeles Lakers have made it clear that it is an open competition around LeBron James for the other four starting spots. One guy who has been getting a lot of praise from the organization is Josh Hart, who has been opening up a lot of eyes during the Summer League.

On a conference call on Friday Johnson told the Media that people should take notice of what Hart is doing in Summer League because he is pushing to start.

LeBron James and Rob Pelinka have also taken notice, and Pelinka said that James is excited to play alongside of him.

“[LeBron has] been watching summer league games, and he brought up Josh Hart,” Pelinka said during an appearance on Spectrum Sportsnet, and he later mentioned during his press conference how impressed he himself has been at the expanded toolbox Hart has shown he can bring to the team next season.

“I think if you look at what Josh Hart is doing in summer league … Josh made a very unique commitment after the season to get right into the weight room. He worked on his explosiveness, he worked on his strength and now he’s one of the top-three scorers in summer league,” Pelinka said.

LeBron James usually finds a young guy on each of the teams he has played on to take under his wing. and maybe Josh Hart will be that guy. He has become a better shooter during the offseason, and that should make him a good weapon from the outside when James hits him with a pass.

Only time will tell if players take Magic Johnson’s warning to heart.