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Magic Johnson’s comments to Lakers’ Jeanie Buss are opposite of what he said when hired

Jeanie Buss, Magic Johnson, Lakers

NBA legend Magic Johnson made big revelations against the Los Angeles Lakers on Monday night after staying quiet since he resigned as team president.

Johnson said that he stepped down from his post after not getting the decision-making power that he was promised. However, it appears that Johnson had contrasting statements with regards to focusing on his job as Lakers president.

During his appearance on First Take, Johnson revealed that general manager Rob Pelinka backstabbed him by talking about his lack of focus on his job as team president. The Hall of Famer said that the Lakers knew all along that he also has a lot of things to work on, including his businesses, which he cannot give up.

“When we sat down and negotiated, I told Jeanie I can’t give up my business,” Johnson said. “I make more money doing that than becoming the President of the Lakers. So, you know I’m going to be in and out. I said is that ok with you? She said yes.”

It was quite a revelation for Johnson. However, Darius Soriano of Forum Blue and Gold pointed out that the statement of the former Lakers president contradicted what he said when he was hired. He said that if there’s a job that will make him give up his businesses, it would be the position that he got in Los Angeles.

Johnson stepped down as president after the 2018-19 NBA regular season. The Lakers are not planning to replace him, giving more decision-making power to Pelinka.