Los Angeles Lakers legend Pau Gasol got emotional as he remembered Kobe Bryant and paid tribute to him in his Hall of Fame speech on Saturday.

As Gasol took the stage for his enshrinement, he made sure to honor his good friend and brother. In a tear-jerking message, the Spanish big man opened up about the impact of the Lakers great on his career, adding that he wouldn't be able to reach the highest level of basketball without Kobe.

“That's why I got to know the person who elevated my game like no other; who taught me what it took to win at the highest level; who showed me how hard you had to work and the mentality you needed to have in order to be the best; the commitment you had to make; what it meant and and what it took to be a leader: Kobe,” Gasol said as he remembered the trade that sent him from the Memphis Grizzlies to the Lakers.

“I wouldn't be here without you brother. I wish more than anything that you and Gigi were here today with us. I miss you and I love you.”

In the same speech, Pau Gasol also retold the story on how Kobe Bryant welcomed him to LA the night he was traded in 2008. As what many Lakers fans know, Kobe went to his hotel room past midnight just to tell him that they were going to win a championship.

It's definitely an incredibly beautiful message from Gasol, and we're pretty sure the LA faithful are shedding tears right now. It would have been amazing had Bryant and his daughter Gigi been there to share the moment with Pau. Still, Gasol is making sure that the legacy of his good friend isn't forgotten.

Rest in paradise, Black Mamba.