Lakers news: Rashad McCants doesn't see Kobe Bryant playing in BIG3 League
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Lakers news: Rashad McCants doesn’t see Kobe Bryant playing in BIG3 League

Kobe Bryant

Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant has settled into retirement. After dropping 60 points in his finale with the Los Angeles Lakers back in 2016, the perennial All-Star was more than ready to walk away from the game and has given no indication he wants to play again in any way shape or form.

However, the BIG3 League created by Ice Cube provides an intriguing platform for Bryant. The three-on-three format has drawn a few NBA stars out of retirement with Kobe being an ideal candidate to help the league reach the next level of popularity.

BIG3 star Rashad McCants of team Trilogy recently granted ClutchPoints a one-on-one interview to talk about his first season in the league. Among the questions we asked McCants, an admitted die-hard Kobe fan, was whether he thinks Bryant should give the league a try next season or in the near future.

“Well, I mean, looking at the recent pictures of Kobe’s retirement body, it would be tough because I know how determined and focused he is when he is in his Mamba mode. Right now, he’s relax-retired mode, and it doesn’t look like he’s moving from that mode anytime soon.”

Bryant recently took to Instagram to post a few pictures of his retirement body, and he is anything but in game shape at 39 years old. Following an incredible Hall-of-Fame-caliber career in the NBA in which he played 20 seasons in Los Angeles, Kobe coming out of retirement seems highly unlikely.

In his post-basketball career, Bryant is determined to build up his company Kobe Inc. in an attempt to dominate the entertainment in the same way he did while wearing the purple and gold for two decades.