Los Angeles Lakers legend Robert Horry won seven NBA Finals throughout his career. Appearing on All The Smoke with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson, Horry detailed what it takes to be an NBA Finals champion.

“You gotta like each other…we would all go to dinners…even with the Lakers, we weren't really a cohesive group…he [Phil Jackson] said nobody make plans…we went to a comedy club…from that moment on we became closer and it's little things like that.”

Robert Horry emphasizes that the number one thing a championship team needs to have is genuine friendship with each other. It sounds simple enough, but it is an obvious thing to point to when looking at teams that failed amid having so much talent. Not to mention, look at all of the great dynasties and it is clear they enjoyed playing with each other on the court because they were friendly off of the court.

It is interesting to hear Robert Horry tell a story of his time with the Lakers where he won three championships, and how originally the team wasn't that close. Then Phil Jackson had them go out together, which lead to more time spent as a unit, and eventually the team won three straight NBA Finals.

Robert Horry's sentiments make sense when looking at pretty much any successful organization in any industry. The people involved have to work well together, and it is a whole lot easier to work with someone when getting along with them is a natural instinct. Looking at the NBA Finals this year, both the Miami Heat and Denver Nuggets look like groups that trust each other; Robert Horry might be onto something that championship teams are more than just teammates, but friends.