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Lakers’ Russell Westbrook, LA shatter franchise streak that’s held on for 25 years

Russell Westbrook, LeBron James, Lakers

Russell Westbrook and the Los Angeles Lakers suffered a record-breaking loss against the Oklahoma City Thunder after blowing a huge 26-point lead. After a red-hot start, Westbrook and the rest of Laker Nation ended up being massively outscored by the home team which ultimately gave the Thunder their first win of the season.

And, it was not just another loss. According to ESPN, the Lakers came into the game with a 230-0 win-loss record when leading by at least 25 points over the last two and a half decades. The 26-point lead they blew on Wednesday night was also the biggest lead they’ve let go of in the last 25 years.


With LeBron James still recovering from an injury scare earlier this week, it was up to Westbrook and the rest of the Laker Nation to grab a much-needed road win against the winless Thunder on Wednesday night. After mounting a double-digit margin early in the game, it appeared as though the Lakers relaxed a bit in the second half which gave OKC a huge window to pounce. And, they did.

Thanks to an impressive performance from Shai Gilgeous-Alexander who led the way for the Thunder with 27 points, the home team rallied and managed to outscore the Lakers 67-43 in the second half. It also didn’t help the Lakers’ cause that their former MVP in Westbrook was a bit sloppy with the ball and notched a game-high of 10 turnovers as he faced his former squad.

The disappointing game also ended on a rather sour note as Westbrook was tossed from the game after getting his second technical foul with just seconds left to play after he confronted Darius Bazely for a late-game bucket.