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Russell Westbrook reveals how he’s truly feeling amid struggles with Lakers

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The Los Angeles Lakers’ season has not gone as planned thus far. They are .500 halfway through the season, sitting at 21-21. Along with the team struggles, superstar point guard Russell Westbrook has also really had a rough time with the Lakers.

Despite his issues on the court, Westbrook has not let that take away his joy of being in a Lakers uniform and playing back home in Los Angeles.

The Athletic’s Sam Amick spoke with Westbrook as he headed for the team bus after another loss Wednesday. Westbrook got real on him, real quick.

“Yeah, man, (he’s happy because) I get to see my kids, my family, my mom, my dad… To me, that’s more important than anything else. I’m able to be home and be able to embrace them. They get to see me, and as they get older I get to see my kids every day and take them to school every morning. To me, that brings joy.”

His revelation of joy despite his playing struggles is a sobering reminder that athletes are more than just that. They are people, who have families and children and personal lives that matter to them.

Westbrook is averaging 18 points, eight rebounds and eight assists per game this season for Los Angeles. But his efficiency has fallen off a cliff. He is shooting 38 percent from the field, 66 percent from the charity stripe and an appalling 19 percent from downtown.

Despite the super human efforts from LeBron James this season, the Lakers are fighting to even stay in the play-in tournament this season.