Very few players in the history of the NBA have achieved the same level of success Los Angeles Lakers icon Robert Horry did during his playing days. The fact that this man is a seven-time NBA champion is a clear testament to this fact. Simply put, Robert Horry just wins wherever he goes.

Horry, 52, played for four different teams in 16 years in the NBA. He won a championship with three of them. He bagged two with the San Antonio Spurs, three with the Lakers, and two more with the Houston Rockets during the early part of his career. It was at this point that he got the privilege of playing alongside Hakeem Olajuwon — someone who Horry considers to be the best big man to ever play the game:

Dream's number one by far,” Horry said comparing Olajuwon to two other all-time big men he also played with in Shaquille O'Neal and Tim Duncan. “… If you look at what he put together… His body of work was just incredible.”

It's hard to argue against Horry's statement here, especially if you take into account Olajuwon's credentials. Nevertheless, knowing Shaq, the Lakers legend still might have a thing or two to say about what his former teammate stated here. O'Neal's competitive nature is second to none, and it isn't likely that he will agree with Horry's sweeping assessment here. That's just not Shaq's persona.

Big Shot Bob should probably expect a call from Shaq sometime soon.