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Shaquille O’Neal brings up savage reminder about 1999 battle with Chris Dudley

Lakers, Shaquille O'Neal, Chris Dudley

Shaquille O’Neal is one of the most unstoppable big men in the history of the NBA, and many great centers of his time couldn’t even hold a candle to the level of dominance the Los Angeles Lakers great displayed in his career. In fact, big men like Chris Dudley loathed playing against a force like Shaq down low.

Since there’s no basketball being played, fans began looking back to old basketball clips, and one that emerged often was the time Shaq posterized Dudley during a game between the Lakers and the New York Knicks. During that one game, O’Neal dominated Dudley so much that the center finally lost it and threw the ball towards Shaq.

If you were wondering why he lost his cool, Shaq gleefully reminded fans: he slammed the ball on his face five times. He made the reminder on Twitter, and everyone was all over it.

Dudley was no slouch of a man himself: he was 6-foot-11, weighing in at 235lbs when he was playing for the Knicks in 1999. However, it’s hard to contain a man who’s over seven feet tall and weighs at 300 pounds. There was possibly no one who could stop O’Neal during that time with the Lakers, and it’s unlikely that another big on today’s NBA could do that as well.

The Lakers won the game with that iconic dunk, 99-91. Shaquille O’Neal had a solid outing against Chris Dudley and the Knicks with his 21 points, nine rebounds and two blocks. While Dudley didn’t have a career as impressive as Shaq’s, he will forever be included in Laker lore for his part in the legendary slam.