Lakers news: Tense scene at Bronny James' basketball game causes LeBron James to leave in 19 minutes
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Tense scene at Bronny James’ basketball game causes LeBron James to leave in 19 minutes

Bronny James LeBron James

Bronny James is becoming a huge attraction in his own right. But his father, LeBron James is still the biggest star in all of sports. When LeBron attends one of Bronny’s games, sometimes chaos ensues.

That’s exactly what happened on Wednesday night. According to Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports, Bronny James’ team was set to play a game in the tiny gym of Liberty High School in Las Vegas. Unfortunately, the game never tipped off because the gym turned into a mob scene.

Bronny is enough to draw a crowd himself, but when LeBron arrived with his security team, the gym flooded with people. Unfortunately, some parents of players on the other team could not squeeze into the gym to watch their children and the game was eventually called off after what’s being called a “heated exchange” between a parent and security.

After canceling the game, officials had to figure out how to return the $15 admission to fans who managed to get into the gym.

This is an unfortunate situation for Bronny James to be in. He has yet to start eighth grade, but he’s already forced to deal with this kind of circus. He’s probably somewhat used to it considering LeBron James is his father, but it can’t be easy sometimes.

Bronny is at the age where he probably just wants to play basketball with his friends. Dealing with this kind of media attention has to be rough. But on the bright side, his dad knows what it’s like to deal with media scrutiny from a young age.