The 2022 NBA Finals are coming to a close, meaning that teams are preparing for the biggest event of the offseason. The 2022 NBA Draft is less than ten days away and five teams, including the Los Angeles Lakers, have no picks in either round. However, rumor has it that that could change between now and June 23.

According to Bleacher Report, the Lakers are “widely known to be pursuing a second-round draft selection.” The Atlanta Hawks and Detroit Pistons have second-round picks that are “considered available,” leaving this possibility open for Los Angeles.

If the Lakers make a deal with either the Hawks or the Pistons, they would secure a spot in the 40s. The Hawks have the 44th overall pick and the Pistons have the 46th.

Why don't the Lakers have any of their own picks this year?

To answer that question, we have to rewind to 2019. The Lakers traded three first-round picks, one being their 2022 selections, and multiple players to the New Orleans Pelicans. In exchange, the team acquired Anthony Davis.

Then, to free up cap space for Davis, the Lakers made a deal with the Washington Wizards (per The Sporting News). This deal included multiple players and the team's 2022 second-round pick.

Meanwhile, four other teams are nonfactors in the 2022 NBA Draft. The Brooklyn Nets, Phoenix Suns, Toronto Raptors, and Utah Jazz join the Lakers in having zero selections this year.